Coffee (a fair trade, organic blend of Mexican and Colombian beans specially roasted for Aaliya's)

Bottomless American - LL27,000 ( filter coffee that's a great option if you are planning on staying for a while and are likely to drink more than one cup)

Espresso single/double - LL17,000/LL22,000

Americano - LL17,000

Cappuccino - LL25,000

Flat white - LL25,000

Latté - LL25,000

Iced latté - LL25,000

Macchiato single/double - LL20,000/LL22,000

Extra espresso shot - LL9,000


Homemade peach & basil iced tea - LL14,000

Homemade lemon & mint iced tea - LL14,000

Fresh ginger tea - LL17,000

Black tea - LL11,000

Tea (choose a bag from the tea box) - LL11,000

Juices and soft drinks

Fresh juice (orange, grapefruit or a mixture of both) - LL17,000

Fresh lemonade - LL17,000

Fresh minted lemonade - LL19,000

Fresh ginger lemonade - LL19,000

Le Pré (100% Lebanese natural handpicked and pressed juice)

  • apple juice 250ml/750ml - LL23,000/LL49,000
  • pear and apple juice 250ml/750ml - LL24,000/LL51,000
  • carrot and apple 250ml/750ml - LL24,000/LL51,000

Soft drinks - LL25,000


Glass from the Tannourine gallon - FREE

Via still small bottle - LL10,000

Via still large bottle - LL30,000

Glass of sparkling water - LL4,000