Food menu

Artisanal cheese selection
Five Lebanese-made artisanal cheeses served with butter, seasonal jam, our in-house tapanades and sourdough bread baked by our neighbors at Mavia Bakery.
Full board $25; half board $14

Locally sourced feta cheese topped with freshly made pomodoro and fresh zaatar and basil

A mix of green and black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, lemon zest and locally made pecorino with a dash of white wine, served with a side of sourdough crackers

The Wine Bar Salad
Fresh mozzarella laid atop watercress and drizzled with a seasonal sour fruit reduction and a homemade garlic confit

Magret de Canard
Duck breast served on a bed of hummus and topped with our sour cherry gravy
Lamb meatballs
A comfort food favourite slow-cooked in our special red wine sauce
Stracciatella with Lebanese mountain pine honey and almonds