Breakfast at Aaliya's

Toast and Jam — LL15,000

Bread and Butter — LL6,000


Onion labneh dip with tannour chips — LL20,000

Fresh, homemade salsa (vegan) and tannour chips — LL15,000


Labneh with olives — LL25,000

Halloumi with Tomato & Basil Jam — LL25,000

Goat Labeh with Onion Jam — LL25,000

Jambon With Pickles — LL30,000


Brie, a choice of red berry or apricot jam, and rocket served on sourdough bread — LL59,000

Cheese plates

Lebanese cheese plate (three Lebanese cheeses served with makdous, tomatoes, cucumbers and sourdough bread) — LL48,000

Aaliya's cheese plate (a selection of six cheeses served with sourdough bread) 

  • 165g (serves 1-2 people) — LL120,0000

  • 330g (serves 2-3 people) — LL240,000
  • 660g (serves 4-5 people) — LL480,000


Homemade cake (ask for today's flavour) — LL10,000

Homemade cookie — LL6,000

Lazy cake (a big slice) — LL25,000

Big fat tip — LL75,000

The financial situation in Lebanon at present is anything but fair. If you are on the more fortunate side of this desperately unfortunate situation and would like to help redress it a little, ask your server to add a 'big fat tip' to your bill. One hundred precent of this tip will go directly, in cash, to Aaliya's Books' staff members.