Breakfast at Aaliya's

Toast and Jam — LL15,000

Bread and Butter — LL6,000


Labneh with Makdous — LL15,000

Halloumi with Tomato & Basil Jam — LL15,000

Feta with Onion Jam — LL15,000

Jambon With Pickles — LL20,000

Cheese plates

Lebanese Cheese Plate (three Lebanese cheeses served with makdous, tomatoes, cucumbers and sourdough bread) — LL40,000

Aaliya's Cheese Plate (a selection of six cheeses served with sourdough bread) 

  • 165g (serves 1-2 people) — LL70,0000

  • 330g (serves 2-3 people) — LL140,000
  • 660g (serves 4-5 people) — LL280,000

Small bowl of locally produced olives — LL6,000


Homemade orange, turmeric and coriander cake — LL8,000