We offer an exclusively Lebanese wine list developed to showcase local viticulture. 


Ruby, Batroun Mountains (2016) — $15.50 (bottle); $3.50 (glass)

Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Franc

Wild blackcurrant and strawberry fruit aromas intertwine with notes of coffee, chocolate and toasted almonds. Round and smooth with a velvety finish. Great with a chocolate dessert.

Nysa Red, Chateau Trois Collines (2020) — *NEW* $41.62

Agioritiko, Mourvedre, Tempranillo

Aged in stainless steal tanks, this certified organic wine has a purple robe with a violet fringe, carries cherry and ripe red fruits on the nose, and is soft, fresh and fruity on the palate, making it a marvellous, young sunny afternoon red. 

Cuvée du Soleil, Sept Winery (2020) — $50

Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon

A wine made from vines cultivated on the Eastern hillsides of Mount Lebanon, it is distinguished by an elegant roundness and silky tannins. Drinks really well with a spicy dish.

CinLight, Terre Joie (2019) — $44.40


A modern style of wine for Lebanon, made using old vines and high altitude. With buckets of young red fruit on the nose and a deliciously smooth and light palate, this wine is fabulous chilled and a real show of Lebanese potential for lighter wines.

SDF, Terre Joie — $48.84

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cinsault, Syrah

An array of berry fruit, rhubarb and soft spice combine with black cherry, violets and smooth tannins to give a rounded palate with great length. Superb for a chilly winter or fireplace wine

Tempranillo, Domaine Wardy — $40.40


Soft on the palate due to its time spent in oak and with refreshing acidity, this wine exudes a morish blend of black cherry and herbal aromas with flavours that follow through to floral notes and green leaf. The only single varietal Tempranillo in Lebanon

Cabernet Sauvignon, Domaine Wardy — $40.40

Cabernet Sauvignon

Notes of green bell pepper and blackcurrant intertwine and provide the canvas for a balanced red with well blended tannins. Fresh and juicy, with hints of pine and good acidity, this is a great food wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Latourba — $43.16

Cabernet Sauvignon

More new-world in style, this single vineyard wine is a bright, medium-bodied, fruit forward Cabernet oozing blackcurrant, and red berry notes. Time spent in oak adds an earthy quality, roundness and complexity to the palate which also includes a refreshing raspberry coulis-like note. Finishing long and superbly balanced it has a air of cedar too.

Simil, Latourba — $23.88

Mouvedre, Sangiovese, Syrah,

Aromas of black cherry, blackberry and wild red berry. Fresh and mellow on the palate with hints of red fruit and caramel. Smooth tannins and a light finish. 

Syrah, Latourba — $43.16


Black cherries and dried fruit on the nose pave way for a silky palate with flavours of caramel, sweet spice and a hint of smoke from its oak ageing.

Syrah, Chateau Trois Collines (2019) — $53.28


Syrupy red fruits and berries alongside flowers and notes of wild herbs and hints of spices compliment a balance of tannins, minerals and acidity.


Seven, Batroun Mountains — $15.50 (bottle); $3.50 (glass)

Chardonnay, Merwah, Muscat, Obeide, Youssefi, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling

A blend of seven grapes, the nose is an abundance of aromatic and citrus fruits with a hint of soft spice. Crisp acidity and subtle herb, make for an interesting palate. Ideal for anyone who enjoys a racy, spicy white.

Nysa White, Chateau Trois Collines (2020) — $42.46

Sauvignon blanc (70%), Chardonnay (30%)

This wine is fresh and zesty — think citrus, pineapple and exotic fruits with a little minerality and crisp character. It's also certified organic.

Viognier, Sept Winery — $57.17


Originating from a deep clay soil in the district of Riyaq, this sun-soaked Viognier is full of unique aromatics. This wine is an ideal apperitivo.

Merweh, Sept Winery — $66.60


This wine revives an indigenous, almost-extinct Lebanese grape to produce a wine with surprising minerality balanced with oriental flavours of tarmarind, rose water and quince, and offering a long, earthy aftertaste.

Petit Couvent white, Couvent Rouge — $16

Obeideh, Sauvignon Blanc

Made from grapes grown in former marijuana fields, this wine offers aromas of green apple and apricot. Obeideh is a native grape to Lebanon and has notes of unripe banana and stone fruit. Zingy and fresh, it has a light mouthfeel.

Cloud 9, Karam Winery — $32.80

Muscat, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc

An aromatic bouquet of passion fruit, green apples, pineapples and grapefruit. Full on the palate with its trademark crisp and lively acidity

Riesling, Batroun Mountains — $27.30


White flowers and yellow fruit combine with hints of pepper and herbal elements on the nose. The palate follows through with subtle spice, exotic fruits and great minerality. Super with dishes using Asian spices.

Bekaa White, Domaine Wardy — $24.97

Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Obeideh

Light, fruity and aromatic. This enjoyable blend using the native Obeideh grape is a great example of a fresh, young, Lebanese wine. Perfect for lunchtime sipping.

Cival, Latourba — $23.17

Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Albariño, Fiano

Intense and perfumed nose, with aromas of peach, citrus and exotic fruit that follow through nicely to the palate. Balanced and fresh with a soft mouthfeel, this wine is excellent on its own or with a light dish.

Sauvignon Blanc, Domaine Wardy — $40.40

Sauvignon Blanc

Zippy white wine with steely acidity and notes of pineapple and nectarine.

Viognier, Domaine Wardy — $40.40


Aromatic honeysuckle, apricot and nectarine with nuances of white pepper and bay leaf characterise the nose of this wine. Creamy and round, the stone fruit and citrus on the palate ensure a balanced finish.

Chardonnay, Chateau Trois Collines (2020) — $53.28


Aged in oak barrels for 10 months, this single varietal chardonnay has a fruity and flowery nose, followed by a taste that is fresh and light on the palate.


Rosé, Terre Joie — $35.50


Strawberry and raspberry on the nose follow through to a refreshing citrus grapefruit acidity. Balanced and refreshing

Arc en Ciel, Karam Winery — $32.80

Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah

Wild redcurrant, soft strawberry and red berries start on the nose and travel to the palate where a refreshing acidity kick balances out the subtle sweetness of the berry fruit. Light and refreshing, it makes an ideal aperitif

Solac, Latourba — $5 (glass) $23.17 (bottle)


A salmon pink colour in the glass, with notes of strawberry, blackcurrant, liquorice, rose petals and cherry. Crisp and elegant, this young, fun rose is excellent with salads, white meat or just good company!

Rosé, Aurora — $21.76

Cabernet franc

A blush pink colour with red fruits and wild flowers on the nose and a crisp finish in the mouth. 

Ample Rosé, Chateau Trois Collines (2020) — $42.18

Pinot noir

A Pinot noir based rosé is a rare find in Lebanon. It offers up aromas of strawberries and raspberries with fresh acidity, followed by a medium bodied palate reminiscent of red cherries and full of lasting juiciness.


Unique Latourba — $55.76 (bottle); $11 (glass)


Made using the traditional Champagne method, this a rich, biscuity sparkling exudes elegance. A must try for sparkling wine lovers.

Kristina Latourba — $60.70

Pinot noir

Latourba's sparkling rosé, made with the traditional Champagne method.  Definitely worth a try for lovers of bubbly. 

PetNat Ruby, Couvent Rouge — $32

Syrah and Obeideh

Lively and inviting with buoyant aromas of red cherry, cranberry, pomegranate and slight orange zest, pierced with mineral interludes. This wine pairs well with out charcuterie plates. 

PetNat Gold, Couvent Rouge — $32

Sauvignon blanc and Obeideh

The brilliant gold-coloured sparkling wine is full of enticing honey and lemon flower aromas, that lure you in but won't overwhelm.

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Much of our wine list is chosen by Amy, who also offers online tastings and palate coaching. For more information follow @tastingwithamy on Instagram.