Check out The O.G. Kitchen menu — available at Aaliya's Books from 12 p.m. daily — for hearty good eats — think nachos, great fries, pulled pork and a steak/salmon platter. They also offer brunch on Saturdays and a traditional roast lunch on Sundays.

If you're in the mood for something on the healthy side, we'll happily order from  The Barn for you. It has wonderful salads and sandwiches and some great breakfast options. 

Craving a manouche, turn to Fern Ghattas, our local manouche place. Ask one of the Aaliya's team to place your order. (Fern Ghattas is open from Monday to Saturday.)

On Fridays, Mavia at the back of the Alleyway, makes (in our opinion) the best pizza in town. The rest of the week, they have the an assortment of delicious eats, including an outrageously good eggs and bagel dish. 

You are also more than welcome to order food delivery from anywhere you like and consume it at Aaliya's — we have cutlery and plates, if needed.