Winston Churchill Old Fashioned (with homemade smoked tea infused bourbon) — LL170,000

Once Upon A Thyme (fresh mountain thyme combines with our lemon zest infused Gubal vodka and grapefruit juice) — LL170,000

Margarita from the Day3a (a village twist on the classic Margarita — with pomegranate molasses and sumac) — LL170,000

Mount Lebanon Gimlet (dried sage, honey, walnut liquor, Gubal gin and lemon) — LL170,000

Whisky from the Day3a (Glenbey whisky and lemon juice come together with three village favourites: honey, blossom water, cider vinegar) — LL170,000

Busoni (Aaliya's smokey twist on the classic negroni) — LL170,000


Martinis (at Aaliya's we advocate the poet W.H. Auden's policy of having a 6pm martini. He liked his dry with vodka, but we'll make yours however you prefer it.)

Aaliya's martini (rosemary infused gin with fresh grapefruit) - LL140,000

Dry martini — LL140,000

Dirty martini — LL140,000

Amarula martini — LL140,000

Flying Scotsman — LL140,000

Espresso martini — LL140,000

Cocktails we love

Negroni - LL195,000

Old Fashioned — LL165,000

Manhattan — LL165,000

Sazarac — LL165,000

Margarita — LL165,000

French 75 - LL220,000

Mules (London, Moscow, Mexico, Kentucky) - LL165,000

Paloma — LL135,000

Mojito — LL135,000

Gin Basil — LL135,000

Gin Fizz — LL135,000

Whiskey Sour — LL135,000

Amaretto Sour — LL135,000

Godfather — LL135,000

New York Sour — LL145,000

Hemingway Daiquiri — LL145,000

Mint Julep — LL145,000

White Lady — LL145,000

Aperol spritz — LL235,000


Gin Basil — LL465,000

Margarita — LL545,000


Almaza — LL60,000

Elmir IPA — LL170,000

Elmir amber ale —LL170,000

Big fat tip - LL150,000

The financial situation in Lebanon at present is anything but fair. If you are on the more fortunate side of this desperately unfortunate situation and would like to help redress it a little, ask your server to add a 'big fat tip' to your bill. One hundred precent of this tip will go directly, in cash, to Aaliya's staff members.