Coffee (a fair trade, organic blend of Mexican and Colombian beans specially roasted for Aaliya's)

Bottomless American - LL27,000 ( filter coffee that's a great option if you are planning on staying for a while and are likely to drink more than one cup)

Espresso single/double — LL17,000/LL22,000

Americano — LL17,000

Cappuccino — LL25,000

Flat white — LL25,000

Latté — LL25,000

Iced latté — LL25,000

Macchiato single/double — LL20,000/LL22,000

Extra espresso shot — LL9,000


Homemade peach & basil iced tea — LL14,000

Homemade lemon & mint iced tea — LL14,000

Fresh ginger tea — LL17,000

Black tea — LL11,000

Tea (choose a bag from the tea box) — LL11,000

Juices and soft drinks

Fresh juice (orange, grapefruit or a mixture of both) — LL17,000

Fresh lemonade — LL17,000

Fresh minted lemonade — LL19,000

Fresh ginger lemonade — LL19,000

Le Pré (100% Lebanese natural handpicked and pressed juice)

  • apple juice 250ml/750ml — LL23,000/LL49,000
  • pear and apple juice 250ml/750ml — LL24,000/LL51,000
  • carrot and apple 250ml/750ml — LL24,000/LL51,000

Soft drinks — LL25,000


Glass from the Tannourine gallon — FREE

Via still small bottle — LL10,000

Via still large bottle — LL30,000

Glass of sparkling water — LL4,000

Martinis (at Aaliya's we advocate the poet W.H. Auden's policy of having a 6pm martini. He liked his dry with vodka, but we'll make yours however you prefer it.)

Dry martini — LL50,000

Dirty martini — LL50,000

Aaliya's  martini (rosemary infused gin with fresh grapefruit) — LL50,000

Espresso martini — LL60,000

Amarula martini — LL50,000

Flying Scotsman — LL50,000

Our favourite classic cocktails

Old Fashioned — LL55,000

Mojito —LL55,000

Manhattan — LL55,000

Sazarac — LL65,000

Margarita — LL50,000

Negroni — LL55,000

Paloma — LL50,000

Aperol spritz — LL80,000

Mimosa — LL80,000


Almaza — LL27,000


Gin basil — LL50,000

House gin & tonic — LL43,000

Gubal gin & tonic — LL43,000

Bourbons and whiskeys

Cutty Sark 12 - LL35,000

J&B Rare - LL40,000

Jameson - LL55,000

Jim Beam Black -LL40,000

Maker's Mark — LL60,000

Black Label — LL78,000

Monkey Shoulder LL85,000

Jim Beam Devil's Cut — LL65,000

Jim Beam Honey — LL42,000

Jim Beam Rye — LL50,000

Big fat tip - LL75,000

The financial situation in Lebanon at present is anything but fair. If you are on the more fortunate side of this desperately unfortunate situation and would like to help redress it a little, ask your server to add a 'big fat tip' to your bill. One hundred precent of this tip will go directly, in cash, to Aaliya's staff members.