Cocktail of the Week (ask your server for this week's special, seasonal cocktail created by our bar manager Hussein Sadek) — LL210,000

Winston Churchill Old Fashioned (with homemade smoked tea infused bourbon) — LL210,000

Once Upon A Thyme (fresh mountain thyme combines with our lemon zest infused Gubal vodka and grapefruit juice) — LL210,000

Margarita from the Day3a (a village twist on the classic Margarita — with pomegranate molasses and sumac) — LL210,000

Mount Lebanon Gimlet (dried sage, honey, walnut liquor, Gubal gin and lemon) — LL210,000

Whisky from the Day3a (Glenbey whisky and lemon juice come together with three village favourites: honey, blossom water, cider vinegar) — LL210,000

Busoni (Aaliya's smokey twist on the classic negroni) — LL210,000


Martinis (at Aaliya's we advocate the poet W.H. Auden's policy of having a 6pm martini. He liked his dry with vodka, but we'll make yours however you prefer it.)

Aaliya's martini (rosemary infused gin with fresh grapefruit) - LL170,000

Dry martini — LL170,000

Dirty martini — LL170,000

Passion fruit martini — LL170,000

Flying Scotsman — LL170,000

Espresso martini — LL170,000

DURING HAPPY HOUR (and a half), which runs from 6-7:30pm daily, all martini cocktails are half price!

Cocktails we love

Negroni - LL210,000

Old Fashioned — LL180,000

Manhattan — LL180,000

Sazarac — LL180,000

Margarita — LL180,000

French 75 - LL230,000

Mules (London, Moscow, Mexico, Kentucky) - LL180,000

Paloma — LL160,000

Mojito — LL160,000

Gin Basil — LL160,000

Gin Fizz — LL160,000

Whiskey Sour — LL160,000

Amaretto Sour — LL160,000

Godfather — LL160,000

New York Sour — LL170,000

Hemingway Daiquiri — LL170,000

Mint Julep — LL170,000

White Lady — LL170,000

Aperol spritz — LL250,000


Gin Basil — LL600,000

Margarita — LL700,000


Almaza — LL70,000

Elmir IPA — LL170,000

Elmir amber ale — LL170,000

Elmir wheat ale — LL170,000

Elmir pilsner — LL170,000

Heineken — LL80,000