Coffee (a fair trade, organic blend of Mexican and Colombian beans specially roasted for Aaliya's)

Bottomless American - LL20,000 ( filter coffee that's a great option if you are planning on staying for a while and are likely to drink more than one cup)

Espresso single/double — LL11,000/LL15,000

Americano — LL12,000

Cappuccino — LL15,000

Latté — LL15,000

Macchiato single/double — LL13,000/LL16,000

Extra espresso shot — LL5,000


Homemade strawberry basil iced tea — LL12,000

Fresh ginger tea — LL15,000

Tea (choose a bag from the tea box) — LL6,000

Juices and soft drinks

Fresh juice (orange, grapefruit or a mixture of both) — LL15,000

Fresh lemonade — LL15,000

Fresh minted lemonade — LL17,000

Soft drinks — LL15,000

Martinis (at Aaliya's we advocate the poet W.H. Auden's policy of having a 6pm martini. He liked his dry with vodka, but we'll make yours however you prefer it.)

Dry martini — LL35,000

Dirty martini — LL35,000

Aaliya's  martini (rosemary infused gin with fresh grapefruit) — LL35,000

Espresso martini — LL37,000

Amarula martini — LL33,000

Flying Scotsman — LL35,000

Our favourite classic cocktails

Old Fashioned — LL37,000

Mojito —LL 35,000

Manhattan — LL40,000

Sazarac — LL45,000

Margarita — LL35,000

Negroni — LL37,000

Paloma — LL35,000


Almaza — LL18,000


Gin basil (made with Gata, a Lebanese gin) — LL35,000

House gin & tonic — LL28,000

Gubal gin & tonic — LL28,000

Bourbons and whiskeys

Clan MacGregor — LL15,000

Cutty Sark 12 - LL28,000

J&B Rare - LL30,000

Jameson - LL40,000

Jim Beam Black -LL40,000

Maker's Mark — LL50,000

Black Label — LL68,000

Monkey Shoulder LL75,000

Jim Beam Devil's Cut — LL55,000

Jim Beam Honey — LL32,000

Jim Beam Rye — LL40,000